our mission

We are driven by our curiosity to understand systems and how they interact, and use this advantage to deliver unique research to our clients.

about us

We are a front-runner with a proven track record in finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in most popular mobile products for many consecutive years. The source of our knowledge is our vast experience with the overall mobile platforms’ architecture, their subsystems and subcomponents, and the interaction between them.


Vulnerability Research

Our researchers will collaborate with your internal research team to achieve their goals in an efficient and productive way.

You may want to retain our services in case:

  • You’re having difficulties in finding a vulnerability in a complex codebase
  • You’re lacking internal researchers / know-how in a specific area of the codebase
  • You need help reversing and analyzing a closed-source piece of code

Exploit Development

Below are the use cases for retaining our exploit developers:


You have an exploitable bug, but it is hard to exploit it


You have an exploit and you need to optimize its reliability and/or execution time


You have an exploit that needs to be ported to different vulnerable device models


You have a couple or more exploits that need to be chained

Training Services

We provide training services tailored to your specific needs.

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Business Inquiries

Please note: our services and exploits are available only to government agencies and their certified vendors.

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